corso preparatorio HSK HSKK

Corso preparatorio agli esami HSK/HSKK

The day of the Chinese exam is almost here and doubts are still tormenting you? Don’t worry, this preparatory course will help you for your HSK and HSKK exams!

TARGET: to consolidate the grammatical knowledge required for HSK certification (levels 1 to 4) and HSKK certification (elementary and intermediate levels), to familiarise with the exam and its tasks and to resolve all doubts, linguistic and not only these, before the day of the test.

METHOD: lessons are based on simulations of past tests, sharing of vocabulary and grammar worksheets, videos and other interactive material.

TARGET STUDENTS: young people and adults who are about to take the HSK and HSKK certification, from basic to intermediate level.

PROGRAMME:  The course consists of 10 hours of individual and/or group lessons once a week, each lasting two hours. Digital platforms such as Zoom, Skype and others will be used and students will have access to slides and other digital material. The programme, while faithful to the grammar and vocabulary of the respective levels, will also be adapted according to the level and needs of the student(s).


Have a look here to find out more about the HSK and HSKK exams and if you still can’t get enough of China and the Chinese language, it may be the right choice to enrol in our Chinese Language Course – Level A1 to B2.

Dai uno sguardo qui per chiarirti le idee circa gli esami HSK e HSKK e se non ne hai ancora abbastanza di Cina e lingua cinese, può essere la giusta scelta iscriverti al nostro Corso di lingua cinese – Dal livello A1 a B2


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