Myriam Macrì FOUNDER

In love with words and more. Foreign languages are my greatest passion: becoming a polyglot has always been my dream.

I speak Italian, English, German, Spanish and French.

My passion for the world of business and international organisations has led me to live some unique experiences. I completed an internship in the Italian Translation Unit in Brussels at the Council of the European Union and worked as an EU Reporter during an Interrailing trip across Eastern Europe with a huge backpack on my shoulders.

My first European project in Italy allowed me to establish unique cultural and linguistic ties and has left me with friendships in every corner of the world (time zones are no longer an obstacle, nor are languages). Helping people communicate with each other makes me happy, hence my passion for interpreting, translating and teaching languages.

I never stop… “Never give up” is my life motto.

If I had to describe myself in 3 words?

Empathetic, sunny and determined.

Maria Martina Fabio

Marketing & Communication Support

Hi, I am Martina, Marketing & Communication Support at “in LOVE with WORDS” and German language enthusiast.
I lived in Germany until I was 10 years old and, after studying International Relations and Languages for Communication in Italy, I moved back. I currently live in Berlin, a city I love, where I work in communication and marketing. I have a strong interest in German culture and grammar and have extensive experience in teaching and translating. My goal is to spread the love and enthusiasm I have for this beautiful language.

I love travelling, discovering new cultures and a great passion of mine is graphics and web design. In my free time I enjoy photography, yoga and playing the electric guitar.Mar

Claudia Iacca


Who am I?

My name is Claudia, Italian by birth but a citizen of the world by adoption.

Becoming a translator and interpreter led me across Italy where I lived in the Marche region, and then even onto Chengdu in the heart of China where I studied for semester.

I immediately fell in love with the Orient – it has influenced my attitude and made me understand the importance of intercultural communication.

The world of digital marketing is my passion; in the meantime I ‘fight’ every day to save the planet handling a good glass of Italian red wine.

Virginia Bianchi

I am Virginia, from Florence.

I have a Master’s Degree in Translation from English and Russian into Italian, and vice versa. I also speak Spanish and French.

My passion for foreign languages was passed on to me by my parents. Since I was a little girl, they have taken me around the world and introduced me to cultures completely different from ours.

My dream? To visit every part of the planet with my dog!

Silvia Vignali

My name is Silvia, I was born and raised in Emilia in Italy, although I have always felt a burning desire to discover what lies beyond its borders.

From a very young age I was intrigued by foreign sounds and soon developed a growing enthusiasm for foreign languages and cultures. This led me to embark on unique adventures abroad, which resulted in an unconditional love for Northern Europe.

My working (and favourite) languages are Italian, English, French and Spanish. After finishing my degree in Interpretation and Translation Studies, it has become my utmost ambition to make sure that communication is always possible no matter when, where or between whom.

Marina Eskandar

Hi! I’m Marina. Ahlan bikum!

I was born and grew up in Milan as part of a family of intrepid Egyptian migrants who chose Italy as their home in the 1970s. 

My love for translating grew very spontaneously and when I was younger, I used to play at translating from Arabic to Italian and vice versa. 

I graduated in Foreign Language Science and then I continued my education in Religious Studies. During my academic career, I became passionate about the use of the Arabic language in the liturgical context within the Middle East. 

What is translation for me?

On the one hand it’s a science and you can’t improvise. On the other hand it’s an art because every word has its nuances, and the good translator must know how to measure the colour and choose the right form to make concepts, ideas and emotions accessible in another language.

Valeria Onofri

I am Valeria Onofri, translator and interpreter in the legal and commercial fields.

My studies began with a Master’s degree in Law and continued with a degree in Language Mediation.

The work experiences in law and language sectors have been crucial for me in order to learn the value of effective communication and constructive relations between different cultures and languages. 

My interest and desire to challenge myself has led me to take on various professional roles, always with an international approach, including: blog editor, course creator, interpreter and translator, international sales department employee.

Maria Clara Cortese

My name is Maria Clara, and I was born and raised in Bologna.

I have always had a passion for French and French-speaking countries. Although when I was younger I would never have thought that it would be the basis for building my future: then, thanks to a year in Quebec and Canada, I definitely fell in love with foreign languages and cultures, and this love has never stopped growing ever since.

Every time I hear a language other than my own, whether I understand it or not, my attention focuses on every sound, every variation of the voice, and I wonder what correspondence there could be between what I hear and my mother tongue. That is why I decided to first study Linguistic Mediation and then Interpreting in Forlì, as I speak French, English, and Portuguese.

I love the outdoors, sports, and the mountains; I like backpacking and discovering the most spontaneous aspects of the cultures I meet on my way.

Alessia Sgrò

‘m Alessia, in love with words and the dialogue between cultures.

I grew up in France until I decided to graduate in International Relations and Politics in Italy.

Currently, I am working in Luxembourg where I continue to make friends with people from all over the world and I work for a bank which permits me to use English, French and Italian on a daily basis.

What do I do when I’m not working? I learn new languages and I teach French!

As I always tried to improve my skills, I attended – and continue to do so – language and cultural trainings to teach the best I can.

In addition, my main goal is to spread the exclusive use of the rhotacism in the world and I remain open to food and wine debates as long as they are concluded with a cheerful tasting.

Giuliana Tripodi

In 2018 I graduated in Interpreting and Intercultural Mediation, followed two years later by a Master in English and Spanish Literature and other specialization courses.

Today I teach in secondary schools in Veneto.

My passion for languages and international cultures has always accompanied me, in my travels, in my photos and in what I write. They have led me to gain work experience in different sectors, between Italy and Spain: advertising, translations, travel, event organisation, content creation, photo and video editing, etc.

As well as enriching me professionally, these experiences have helped highlight my skills and made me more and more determined and willing to learn and improve, with confidence and enthusiasm!

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